The Dreaded Jungian Backlash places severe limitations on the contexts where it is appropriate to create the conditions where gelled teams naturally form. Defusing it is easy. It is raised by anxiety, which is caused by dissonance between the gelled team’s level of twitchiness and their colleauges’. The anxiety can be dispelled by senior management telling people that the perceived “non-compliances” result from people following orders. The more people are stressed, the less of the big picture they see, and the more they are concerned with blame avoidance. So long as someone tells them to get on with it, they are off the hook.

If we remember that business processes will tend to grow in stressful, efficiency reducing complexity because of the addictive payoff, friction with effective teams can be taken as marking groups in urgent need of process reviews!

Where the senior management is itself trapped within a larger structure, there’s a tendency to be trapped within the system. Management will shy away from discussing the local unnamable boogymen, and will accept non-functionality as if it was an accident.

So it is not appropriate to build gelled teams in organizations with severe background social stress and over-complex processes, and a management trapped within those processes. All this is in accord with Real Quality theory such as advocated by the Deming movement.

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